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Front Air Con Compressor Bracket from 253/308 . Photo by 4x4Sandman. Click to Enlargen.


This page is to help identify mystery Brackets on Old Holdens.

Front Air Conditioning Compressor Bracket From 253/308 V8:

It's a front air con compressor bracket from 253/308 HQ (and probably J/X/Z too). Jeff.

"they are for the after market under dash a/c pump the second smaller piece is to replace the standard front plate of the alternator braket so it has an extra hole to bolt up to the a/c braket these sitright on top of the motor very ugly setup." Info by Crazywrecker.  Photo by TROY. Click to Enlargen.
Aftermarket Air Conditioning compressor bracket for pre EFI V8. Info by myeh.  HQ to WB V8 only, not Commodore or Torana. Info by Dr Terry. Photo by Perth Mick. Click to Enlargen.


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