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VK Commodor Bonnet Stay Anchor. Photo by Anthony Ryan, edited by T. Click to Enlargen.

Bonnet Stay Anchor:

Bonnet Stay:

The Bonnet Stay is the metal bar that is used to hold the bonnet open on VK and earlier Commodores. The Bonnet Stay Anchor is the plastic hinge next to the radiator that acts as a hinge.

Fitting The Stay To The Anchor:

To fit the The Stay To The Anchor, rotate The Anchor until the slot in The Anchor aligns with the locator in the Stay then press them together. Rotate the Anchor to its normal position to keep the two parts together.

Fitting The Bonnet Stay Anchor To The Car:

The Bonnet Stay Anchor is made from durable plastic and is held in place by pins which are pressed into expanders. The Bonnet Stay Anchor is first positioned with the expanders placed into the two holes in the metal in front of the radiator.

The pins are then pressed into the expanders to hold The Bonnet Stay Anchor in place.




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