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Bonnet Sccops:


So you think you can improve on the design that Holden has supplied you with? What makes you think that you can make your car look more like a beast than Holden ever did?!  Well for one most of these cars, especially the pre-70s models were designed as and mostly used for family cars and commercial vehicles. Even as the 70s models started to appear and the new Monaros and the sportier Torana models were released we still didn't see drastic changes in the cars that made them appear overly different from the stock family cars. Yes, 2 doors less is a fair difference but other than very low profile bonnet scoops and guard flutes the early Holden performance cars didn't have much changes over the standard look of panels on the family car (excluding paint changes, shape, badges etc).  To make up for that these days we see a lot of people adding items to their old and new Holdens to improve the look, or atleast improve it and make it look different over others of the same model. Other than the craziness of an SLR 5000 which really doesn't need any help looking like a beast many of the other Holdens and especially the more stock models are virtually begging for modifications to make them look more beastly. These ideas and modifications have been occuring since the cars were released and even today on other makes and models we see the young fellas adding body kits to their imported cars to make them look more personalised and beastly. The main point of this page though is to aim at bonnet scoops and for the people thinking of adding one to give them some options and ideas. Firstly consider how your car looks now, how it was designed and how it will look with a bonnet scoop. In my case I'll use a HR for example - a fairly square model, bonnet is relatively flat, with nothing else done to make it look like a weapon a massive body scoop would just look stupid. But if we have a closer look at the bonnet we see that it comes with a raised center the full length of the bonnet, perhaps rather than a hornet style scoop in the center a more modern low profile split scoop on either side of the outside of the bonnet would look better. Always remember some scoops suit, others do not, dont just throw on a scoop for the sake of it. Not only does a scoop effect the whole look of your car, you also have to look at the damn thing every time you are driving it! Scoops are much like noses (except not everyone has a scoop), people get nose jobs all the time and a simple change can alter the look of a persons entire face, the same is true for a scoop. You dont want people looking at your new scoop and thinking how unsuited to your car it is, or how the car looks worse with it than Bob Smith's down the street does without it. But how do you tell how a scoop will look? Well the secret here is to have a very good look around, companies like Spoiler Factory (google it, I did and it was the first Australian site that popped up) have a page listing the scoops they sell and how they look. Check them all and imagine them on your bonnet, take photos of your car and crop photos of the scoop onto it to give you a rough idea how it looks. Finally, get measurements of these scoops and even make a cardboard mock-up to sit on your bonnet and see how it looks. Like a nose you dont want to choose the wrong one, if you are spending a lot of money on your car and you want the look to suit what you have done or to suit your own personality then you want the correct scoop first time, this isnt a small change that you can rush through, it's the whole look and your car from the front is where most people will want to look at it. TBC ReaperHR




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