Blinker Stalk Replacement

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UC, HX, HZ, WB, VC, VH, VK Blinker Stalk. Photo by Griezy. Click to Enlargen.

Blinker Stalk Replacement:


This information is suited to UC, HX, HZ, WB, VC, VH, VK Holdens that use the Combination Blinker Stalk (Wipers, High Beam and Blinkers all in the one unit). 

Blinker Stalk. Photo by Dan Johnston. Click to Enlargen.
Wiper Control Switch exposed. Photo by T. Click to Enlargen.


The most important aspect of the job is to use a Draw Wire to pull the new  Blinker Stalk Wire through the Column.Without connecting the Draw Wire the job will be a lot harder to do. 


Undo and remove all the screws that hold the stalk in. 
Multifunction Blinker Stalk. Photo by Andrea Baily. Click to Enlargen.
Multifunction Blinker Stalk. Simply pull the rotational part along the direction of the arrow to service the unit. Photo by Andrea Baily. Click to Enlargen.
Multifunction Blinker Stalk. The red Arrow shows the High Beam Switch. The Blinker function is in the seperate unit that this Arm screws onto. Photo by Andrea Baily. Click to Enlargen.
  Remove any under Dash Panels.
Unplug both the Stalk underdash connectors.

Tie a draw wire onto the old connector and wrap tape over the join to prevent it breaking and also to make it easier to slide through the Steering Column.

Gently pull the Stalk out and feed the draw wire upwards at the same time.

Once removed tie the Draw Wire onto the new Stalk. Put tape over the connection.

Gently pull on the Draw Wire and push the Stalk Wire into
the Steering Column at the same time.

You may need to move the Gear Selector as you do so.

Once through disconnect the Draw Wire and plug the Stalk Connectors in.

Refit the screws you removed.

Test the Blinkers, High Beam and Wipers.

Once all works refit the Steering Wheel to the original position that you marked before you removed it.

Test the Horn.

Replace the under Dash panel you removed.

Task completed. 


The rotational part of the Switch simply pulls apart revealing the 2 Speed Wiper Switch and Washer Switch. The High Beam Switch is near the Mounting Screw at the far end of the unit. 


Combination Switch 

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