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Page created by T June 10th 2011:

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Aftermarket Backstop Brakelight. Photo by T. Click to Enlargen.

Backstop Taillight Fitting:

Having the Brakelights at Eye Level gives the following Driver increased warning of the need to stop, as well as sending the Light through multiple following Cars to warn Drivers several Cars behind.

LED Backstop Taillights:

These have a very low current drain (around 0.5 Amps) for very high light output so they mostly don't need extra wires to be run to the Rear of the Car to power them. You simply power them from the Brake Light Circuit at the Rear of the Car.LED Backstop Taillights illuminate much faster than Incandescent Bulbs.

Modulated LED Backstop Taillight:

You often see these flickering at about 100 hertz (flashes per second). The flashing reduces the power drawn by the unit and is also a method of dimming them if directly powered is too bright.

Incandescent Backstop Taillights:

These are normal Brake Light Bulbs and will draw 2 Amps per Bulb. As a result it may be necessary to run a new Cable to the Rear of the Car to power the Bulbs so that you don't overload the Brake Light Circuit and cause all the Bulbs to glow dimly or for the Fuse to Blow.LED Backstop Taillights illuminate much faster than Incandescent Bulbs.
Aftermarket Backstop Brakelight. The Unit adheres to the Rear Window by the adhesive Pads provided and wires into the Brake Light Circuitry. Photo by T. Click to Enlargen.

Relay Powered:

A Relay controlled by the Brake Light Switch and powered directly from the Light Circuit can provide power to the extra Bulb(s) without loading the existing Brake Light Circuit.

Pulling Through New Cables:

I fitted a Backstop Brakelight to my VK Wagon recently. I found that by tying 3 Wires to the Rear Window Washer Pipe I was able to pull them up to the top of the Tailgate (+12volt, Gnd and Spare). I used the Spare Wire to pull the Washer Pipe back down the Body and reconnected it to the Washer Pump. 


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