Aussie 4Speed to Trimatic Conversion

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Aussie Four Speed Manual Gearbox. Click to enlargen. Photo by HQ_SS.

Aussie Four Speed to Trimatic Conversion:

VB Red 3.3 Commodore:

CROSSMEMBER TAILSHAFT SHOULD BE THE SAME , t-bar is attached to a plate which is usually riveted to center of floor over where hole was for 4 speed shifter , you need to swap radiator over for auto type and get the trans cooler pipes from auto to radiator.. KICKDOWN WIRE SHOULD BE ATTACHED TO SWITCH UP ON ACCELERATOR PEDAL UNDER DASH and then down to auto .. Your inhibitor /reversing switch is attached to t-bar and will plug into plug under carpet , plug is already there just not used when manual ..
speedo cable is the same as aussie 4 speed . try and get a genuine holden vb work shop manual , plenty around at swaps for between $10.00 - $20.00 at swap meets. wombat    Flex plate has slightly different bolts, kick down is vacuum tube to inlet mainfold (off the top of brake booster fitting), shifter is mounted to a plate that is pop-riveted to the oval opening in the floor. I am 99% sure the gear box mount and x-member will be ok. Pedal box is different...I have the remains of an auto VK here,,if you want extra info I can check. But not right now.......its dark outside!
Photo by Elliott. UC, VB - EFI VK Trimatic, excluding EST VK. Has extra ribbing on the Bellhousing. Shows increased Boss thickness where the Bellhousing Bolts live. Has the Carburettor Engined Dipstick and Tube. The EFI VK Tube is longer. Click to enlargen.
The Inlet Manifold Vacuum Source located at the rear of the engine. Note there is a bump in the centre of the Rubber showing that the Vacuum Pipe has been fitted correctly.  Click to enlargen. The left most pipe provides a vacuum source to the Heater and Air Vent Controls. Photo by Vernonv
Trimatic Vacuum Source from 308 VK Commodore.  Click to Enlargen. Photo by mr self destruct.




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