6 Cyl Aussie 4 Speed Onto V8

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Aussie Four Speed Manual Gearboxes. 6 Cyl front, V8 back. Click to enlargen. Photo by HQ_SS.

Six Cylinder Aussie Four Speed Onto V8:

There's been a few posts lately about using your old 6cyl Aussie 4spd gearbox when converting to a Holden V8. Anything about this in the 'pedia T? You can use your old box so long as you change the bell housing, clutch and flywheel, input shaft and and snout for V8 ones. Most 6cyl Aussie 4spds will be M20, I think some XU1's had a 6cyl M21 so make sure you get the right input shaft for the ratios in your box as the gear that meshes with the laygear is different. My dad's old speedway/ gearbox reconditioner mate told me you're better off with an M21 for 308's and warm 253's as they break less, M20 is ok if you take off sensibly!


Aussie Four Speed

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