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Original submission by T Apr 4th 2007:

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Holden 186 engine. The Engine is similar in appearance and layout to a 130 as used in an export HQ. Click to Enlargen. Photo by The Red Baron.

130 Motor:


130 Cubic Inches Displacement.
These engines were fitted to HQ Holdens for export to South Africa.
Used the non-adjustable hydraulic lifter valve gear that was used in 202 engines.
Bore 3.030 ins.
All the red sixes have the same 3.00" stroke except the 201, 202 and 3.3 which have a 3.25" stroke.Blue and black 3.3's also have a 3.25" stroke.   
Holden 173 Engine disembled, typical of all Red 6 Engines. Note the Rockers are Adjustable because it is a 149 Head. Standard 173 Heads use Non-Adjustable Rockers. Image by Bubsy. Click to Enlargen.


Bubsy's Shed 



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